Jady was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her passion and love for nature developed when she was very young. Her family did a lot of exploring, camping, hiking and travelling which lead to her perusing a path in which she could develop a career that incorporates what she loves. Straight out of high school she attended the University of Regina in the combined Environmental Biology program offered through the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Prince Albert. After two years at the U of R, she then completed her Integrated Resource Management diploma through Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Prince Albert. In 2016 she graduated from the University of Regina with a bachelor of science in Environmental Biology.

Her first summer in the natural resources took place in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. She was a forestry technician for the ministry of environment. Though she enjoyed being out in the field, she decided that forestry wasn’t the route she wanted to take. That following school year she was hired as a research assistant at Saskatchewan Polytechnic to examine the Saskatchewan River and determine the preferred overwintering habitat of lake sturgeon. The next two summers she was hired as a fisheries biological technician for the ministry of environment in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. By this time it was evident that fisheries and aquatics was the path she was meant to take. In the fall of 2016 Jady was hired by Water Security Agency to complete benthic macro invertebrate sampling on the Saskatchewan River in response to the Husky oil spill. One thing led to another and after a 3-month travelling hiatus to South East Asia she became a part of the Troutreach team.

Jady looks forward to expanding her knowledge and gaining more experience in the natural resource and scientific field. She is also keen on all of the projects that she will be a part of and that her fascination and love for nature and all of the critters will be a component of her career!