Iain has been chasing insects and ecology as an aspiring entomologist since the early 2000’s. He currently works for the Water Security Agency of Saskatchewan as a Senior Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Ecologist, and is finishing the last stages of his PhD on aquatic entomology. Iain grew up in Lumsden, Saskatchewan and has spent his youth exploring the diversity of western Canada and Latin America. As an undergrad at the University of Regina, Iain conducted independent studies on carabid beetles, post-fire ecosystems, ants, and pill beetles.  He leapt into the pond for a Masters at the University of Alberta, studying crayfish and aquatic ecology at the Experimental Lakes Area under the direction of Rolf Vinebrooke. Since 2006, Iain has worked for the Water Security Agency as a research scientist, and has been working on a PhD in his spare time since 2011 in Doug Chivers’ lab at the University of Saskatchewan. Iain was one of the founding members of Troutreach in 2012 and has overseen the development of its programs. Iain’s research is conducted under an umbrella of ecosystem health or biomonitoring technology development; however, it is comprised of a diverse field of projects—from broad, landscape-scale community ecology, to stressor-specific experimental manipulations, and taxa specific life-history studies. Currently, his major projects focus on benthic macroinvertebrate-water chemistry relationships, deuterium as an isotopic tool to track lake sturgeon migration, and missing person research in the Saskatchewan River system.  If you have an interest in aquatic entomology, stable isotope research, lake sturgeon, or doing ecology research in Saskatchewan in general Iain would love to hear from you.

To see a list of Iain's publications, click this link here or visit his ResearchGate profile here