Troutreach Saskatchewan is the dream of a few highly trained biology graduates from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Alberta. Genuine curiosity and love of the natural world drives this research team in multiple sustainability projects occurring throughout Saskatchewan.

Troutreach is supported by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF). Collectively, these organizations are committed to conservation of wildlife and natural resources within Saskatchewan and enhancing public understanding of science through education. 


Troutreach members want to share their enthusiasm and love of the environment with others.
— EcoFriendly Sask

What We've Achieved

  • Supported and continue to support up to four graduate students through their respective degrees, and numerous undergraduate theses.
  • Inspired one young student to begin his own personal insect collection.
  • Taught children of all ages about insects, including identification and collection techniques.
  • Taught over 300 students from over a dozen schools. 
  • Discovered a number of new insect records in Saskatchewan, including a new family of caddisfly, at least two new beetle species, and at least three new genera of fresh water midge.
  • The development and curation of a diverse collection of insects from Saskatchewan.