Paige grew up on a small farm near Frobisher and is currently a pursuing a course-based masters program (Master of Sustainable Environmental Management) with the University of Saskatchewan. She enjoys returning to the farm to spend time with family and the outdoors, as well as fishing, kayaking and snowboarding. 

While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Environmental Earth Science, Paige had the opportunity to intern with Environment Canada assisting researchers studying mercury in lake food webs. After completing her degree, she also was able to work for the Global Institute of Water Security assisting with field and lab programs monitoring algal blooms and nutrient chemistry at Buffalo Pound Lake. 

Paige’s masters program also allows for students to participate in a small research project with a local community partner. She knew that she was interested in aquatic ecology from her work experience, and after being introduced to Iain, the topic for her masters project was decided. With the help of Iain and Troutreach, Paige will be investigating the benthic macroinvertebrate community in the Moose Jaw river, specifically in sites that have been impacted by historical asphalt contamination. With the short timespan of her masters’ program, Paige will be working with Troutreach following her graduation in July to continue her research and study potential pathways of PAH exposure into the tissues of the macroinvertebrate community.